Activities of the Association

The primary activities of the Association, in the process of fulfilling the strategic goals contained in the program areas, are realized through:

  1. Representation and advocacy of the common interests of the membership;
  2. Providing services and support to members to develop their capacities;
  3. Information, communication, and cooperation of local authorities and cooperation with other actors;
  4. Support local authorities in international cooperation and bringing Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the European Union.

The legal framework for the functioning of local self-government has yet to develop fully, and the existing regulations are not fully applied or are in conflict. The level of respect for the local level by higher levels of government needs to be increased, and there is also the problem of inconsistent concern for the division of responsibilities. For these reasons, the role of the Association in initiating and articulating reform measures can and should be very pronounced.

International and regional cooperation represents the function of the Association, which promotes the membership's interests, encourages the exchange of experiences and examples of good practice, and establishes connections and partnerships. Association participates in the work of several critical international, European, and regional association networks (CLRAE - Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, CEMR - Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe, NALAS - Network of National Associations of Local Authorities of Southeast Europe). Association achieves solid bilateral cooperation with associations of local authorities of other countries.